T-Mobile G1… an epic tale of tales

So once upon a time…

Some of you might know I got my G1 about a week and a half ago. I was so excited about it! I had been waiting for it to arrive. Before I even opened the box I took my Blackberry and started adding all my phone numbers as contacts on my Gmail account (I should have done this before, but I’m lazy). WHRY? Simple: the G1 syncs all your Google account to your phone, including your Gmail contacts as phone numbers. So instead of looking from one phone to the next and converting them over, I took the easy route and did it on the computer.

So once I was done, I turned on my new phone. One of the first things you do is “touch the Android to get started”. So I push it and it didn’t do anything. Hmm… did I miss? So I try again, this time pushing it in a slightly different area. Wallah, that worked. (about now I’m thinking of my PDA and how you have to calibrate the screen… maybe that’s why I missed pressing it the first time)

So all is fine and dandy as I sync my Google account to my phone. It works seamlessly. One minute I have a brand new phone, the next its populated with all my Gmail emails and contacts… it even put me online with Gtalk automatically.

I start playing around with the home screen and occasionally I miss the icon I’m trying to click or drag. I remember the fact I haven’t calibrated my screen. So I start looking in settings and to my surprise there is no such thing. Oh well, I just have to get used to where to touch… no biggy!

As I’m downloading new apps from the Android Market I keep having touch screen problems. Even on the home screen when I try to move from one side to the other it fucks up and I get stuck in between two screen. WTF! I start researching online and to my surprise no one is having the same issue as me (as far as I can find). Granted, people are having problems of their own, but no one is having screen problems like mine.

It progressively gets worse and worse. To a point where I can’t use the screen anymore and I’m stuck using my trackball for everything! WHAT’S THE POINT OF A TOUCH SCREEN PHONE IF IT DON’T TOUCH SCREEN PROPERLY?!

Because it worked sometimes and didn’t work other times, I started assuming it was a software problem. C’mon Google! Fix it! There were some OTA updates being pushed to G1 users. There is no way to force the update (as far as Google/HTC/T-Mobile want to admit), so you just have to wait. But I was too frustrated and found a method for manually updating it. I gave that a shot and NOPE! STILL FUCKED.

What to do… what to do…?

I tried to do a master reset on it (which is no big deal because, once agan… all my contacts automatically resync) but to no avail. Okay now I’m pissed. I call Customer Service and they decided to send me a new phone… but its on back-order… of course!

So another week goes by and I’ve got my shitty phone that I’m really start to hate. I keep considering putting my SIM card back into my Blackberry and saying the hell with it all. But the idea of the Google phone is too awesome to give up on.

I stuck through it till my new phone arrive just a few days ago, and I can honestly say it was well worth the wait. Turns out I just had a defective phone (this is expected). I love my new phone. It does everything I need it to do and then some. And the apps you can install make it even better. People have complained about the battery life on it but I’ve had no issues with that considering I already calibrated my battery. I use the hell out of my phone too, so if the battery sucked that bad I would know it.

I’ve even set up a method for sharing the pictures I take. They all end up in my Picasa web album under Drop Box.

And they lived happily ever after. The End.