Cookie surprise!

So during the holidays, which include both my kids birthdays (Aidan Dec 8th, Ashlyn Jan 2nd) we entertained lots of family and friends. This is fun and all, especially because you get to spend the holidays at home instead of traveling, but it really takes a toll on the house. You got shit loads of trash, and boxes, and cans and bottles, and other random crap you need to throw away. Problem with that is we normally overfill our trashcan and recycling can in two days!

Well we’ve sorta caught up on all the waste, and now that Ashlyn’s birthday party is over (marking the end of our extended holiday season) we can begin work cleaning up! Yay! Moar like booooooo-fucking-hooooo.

My man cave has been really neglected lately. I had to spend a good amount of time moving shit around, picking up random randomness everywhere, and sweeping/dusting it all out.

The funny thing about me is I’m not a man who’s big on sweets; really I’m not. But when there are certain sweets in the house and I think about them, once in a blue moon I start craving it. And the worst part about craving something is when you go to get it and it’s not there! So I find myself hiding stuff from people, usually non-perishable products like cookies or candy. But the worst part about hiding something is when you forget you hid it. So I’m cleaning out my garage and go to put something away in my toolbox… HI DIDDLY HO HIDDEN SWEETOES! Media is related:

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Since I had my phone camera active, I figured I’d take some more pictures. An overview of my entertainment area:


The ugly backside of my garage where the storage portion is:


I don’t drink coffee much, but when I do I use my manly coffee mug:


My manly movie collection and pen holder:

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My new bottle opener (they somehow flattened the glass bottle):