Hello, my name is Gadget


So what’s Gadget? Well its now the official name of the game engine Chad and I have started. Its purpose is to provide us a new medium for the game ideas we seem to develop constantly. Garry’s Mod was a great outlet, but I believe we’ve come to a point where we’ve outgrown it.

Fortunately enough, we both have experience with the Source SDK (Chad more than I) and learned some great concepts from its example. We’re designing Gadget with a lot of Source Engine style ideas and organizing it similar to what Valve has done.

Back in the day I completely rewrote the Quake 2 engine… and made a couple of cool games out of it. But it’s been so long I don’t remember hardly anything anymore; I also blame Garry for making me lazy and scripting for the last few years… naw just kidding Garry :) But now I’ve realized something, and I quote from what I said to Chad:

“I never knew how much I didn’t know”

It totally sounds like double talk, but its true. I didn’t even know what a heap and a stack were, when to use references, pointers, structures… NOTHING! How’d I manage to make games? The fuck if I know… in retrospect it was like playing darts in the dark. I would randomly change stuff until it worked, not ever truly know why it worked.

We did a lot of work on it today, even made the logo (see above).

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