Ze Upgrades!

I had to do some work on my computer lately. When I bought and built this computer I was retarded and bought a small but extremely fast hard drive… high data rate and 10,000RPM! What the fuck was I thinking?! Yes the performance is noticeable, but it really wasn’t worth the cost-to-gigabyte ratio. So most of my applications and games were on my older IDE hard drive from my last computer anyways… which was okay but it didn’t have the speed I was looking for. So I opened up Newegg and bought a newer, larger, SATA drive.

So it’s been a process but I’ve finally got my OS upgraded. I went with Windows 7… yea yea I know its only a beta, but I didn’t feel like sticking with XP, and didn’t feel like buying Vista because Windows 7 is around the corner. So far so good.


As you can kinda see above, Gadget has been upgraded too. Chad did some slick stuff restructuring the layout and design of the engine, and this time we’re working on a lot of the low level utilities before we get ahead of ourselves. After a bit of debate, we moved to Multibyte Character Sets so that (if needed) we can support international languages. You can see our silly “TODO” list off to the side… which is piss poor but it works for now. We need a real project management system… any ideas?

Also added some new headers to the top of my blog, they are all pictures I’ve personally taken. Last time I kept the normal WordPress blog title text… which forced me to filter rape my images so it would show up against all the backgrounds. This time I just added the text to the header myself and avoided that problem all together.