A game engine

Yea so its finally starting to look like a fucking game engine, woohooo! No we’re not even into the 3D stuff yet but Chad has taken the renderer to the next level… its actually rendering stuff now! Plus he got the first implementation of materials working, which is a huge leap on its own. I’ve been working on the world manager and base entity, and learning a lot as I go.

About three weeks ago we were discussing different aspects of Gadget and I found an article on one of them. I immediately began reading it with full enthusiasm only to close it 45 seconds later due to complete fucking confusion and a total lack of understanding of what was going on. Just today I came across that VERY SAME article and was able to read it start to finish with a 90% understanding of what the author was trying to explain… I shit you not.

I’m very much a visual learner; rarely to do I bother to read anything other than the very minimal I need to get started. Directions to putting some Ikea furniture together? BLASPHEMY! Instructions for a new TV? Hobbosh! Installation steps for software?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I just do it and figure it out as I go, ’nuff said.

The other half of Bakburner/Etc probably feels like an adult teaching a Jerry’s Kid to cross the street, but its finally starting to pay off. This is for you Chad:

Borat thumbs up

Also, media related:

gadget screenshot