Backburner Interactive?

So… we’re pretty sure that’s the name we’re going to go with. We liked the name Modulus Software, but guess what… some people are already using it! No big deal. It didn’t quite roll off the tongue anyways.

Backburner Interactive’s first project is a game engine, dubbed Gadget. The name comes from thinking of something that does stuff. And what better than a widget or a… gadget. Makes sense? No? Well go fuck yourself. Its just a damn name you picky son of a bitch.

Our goal is simple: create a new platform on which to prototype/develop games. As of right now we’re just working on the fundamentals. So far..

  • We’ve designed the structure, layout and coding style
  • We have a launcher application (gadget.exe) that loads the interfaces (renderer, engine, console, filesystem, etc…)
  • Gadget can mount compressed ZIP files to access any file as if it was on the local disk
  • We’ve started some of the menial yet important stuff like logging, xml parsing, performance benchmarking and the like
  • We’ve implemented Doxygen commenting which we compile and upload frequently
  • It can do more stuff I can’t think of at the moment

What it can’t do:

  • Render anything other than a black screen, process any input, output any sound… pretty much it does nothing that appears to be a game of any sort

Why is this okay? Well our approach has been to start literally from the ground up. From simple stuff like reading/writing files, creating interfaces for each portion of the engine, monitoring performance and designing shit loads of classes and macro tools to help us down the road. The renderer will be started soon… well technically its already started there just isn’t much to see from it. Not much to see, but here’s a little peek at whats going on:

Gadget Progress Overview Gadget Folder

I was looking back at my introduction post to Gadget and its amazing to see how much the VC++ solution has grown and how much we’ve actually changed (the entire design of the engine has changed 100%). Since Chad is so lazy with his blog, I’ll keep you all updated.