Complete Overhaul

Imagine you’re driving a new car, and you go to work one of the controls for the air conditioning. You look down and figure out how it all works (because fuck the user manual) and you manage to figure it out. But there’s just one knob placement or setting adjuster that is just… strange in your opinion. You can use it the way it is, but if you’d designed it, it would have been somewhere else. Now imagine if someone reminded you that YOU designed that controller… and yet you don’t like it. Pretty stupid huh?

So we’ve brought our engine to a good place as far as progress, but neither of us liked the architecture! We both knew how to work everything, but we didn’t enjoy doing it like that. So it came to mind… WHY THE FUCK DO WE LEAVE IT THAT WAY? We have all the time in the world to make this the way we want to make it, so why rush through and not fix it. Plus its easier to fix now than later. So we created an empty project and we’re slowly moving stuff into a new design of the engine. I sound like a broken record but we’ve learned so much so far, we’re already trying to use this knowledge in the layout of the engine. It will be for the better and probably only set us a half day behind.

Oh and we’ve dropped the name “Gadget”. We don’t want to brand the game engine as a product, because its not. Its just a tool for us to make games with. So now its just “game engine”, which makes a lot more sense in the code as well because we had a class like CGadget and other shit like that, but when you look at the Source SDK you never (I might be wrong with “never”) see the term “Source” reference to the engine itself.

OH! For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter… our game engine play its first sound yesterday! I was sooo fucking excited when I heard it I about shit myself. I know it seems like a small feature, but its like seeing your child take a first step.

And for those who haven’t picked up on it; after a bit of discussion we wanted to have our name be a little more unique and stick out. Previously I mentioned we were working under the name Backburner Interactive, but we’ve since changed it to Bakburner/Etc. Yes its missing a “C”, yes its a slash and yes its “etc”. It makes total sense in our heads and if you need more of an explanation let me know.