Pictures and stuff

Grr… the plugin I was using to display my recent tweets was getting annoying because it didn’t work half the time. I found Twitter does it for you and wondered why I hadn’t found that in the first place! If you’re going to use the HTML widget here is a little trick to help you customize it with CSS:

#twitter_update_div a.time {

font-size: 85%;


#twitter_update_list li {

margin-bottom: 5px;


Of course you can change those to whatever, but keep in mind the selector names… I had to dig through Twitters CSS sheets to figure them out!

I was cleaning up stuff on my blog and I got to thinking about all the images I reference or link on here. I started browsing through my image gallery and it cracked me up seeing some of them. I thought other people might enjoy it so I found a plugin that allows you to browse through them all and see what post referenced them.

Also, took some pictures of the last 20 minutes of my drive home the other day. WHRY!? Shit I don’t know, bored I guess…