Where the game engine went

The other day someone asked me why I haven’t really spoke about the game engine lately. The thing is, we’ve been doing plenty of work, and there’s a lot to talk about… but I’ve been sharing all the juicy details on our development blog, instead of this blog. We even have our own Twitter which is why much of my tweets about it are gone too.

He was right, I should sorta split it up. I’ll keep my personal tales about my work on this blog and save the big, more official updates for the development blog.

Where is this blog and Twitter? Well, oddly enough we’re not ready for people to be following our progress so we haven’t announced anything publicly yet (you could probably find them if you tried hard enough…). Which leads to another question you might ask: If no one is following your development blog or your Twitter, whats the point in having it? Its a fair question but our answer is simple: How many times do people come out publicly with some project their working on and have some website that you go and visit and all you find is “HEY WELCOME TO OUR NEW HOMEPAGE!”. Its pathetic really, there’s no point in going there at all.

What we’ve done is started populating it with information so when we’re ready to start discussing it, people will have some sort of content to read (plus the site itself isn’t really finished). In the next week we hope to do this, because we want to get a benchmark demo distributed. Our primary goal is to ensure what we’ve worked on so far works on everyone’s machines, not just ours.