Zinger! XNA


Arcadium Software is well on its way into the Zinger! game developed in XNA.

Chad and I have had our struggles trying to create a game… mainly because we go “too big”. For two guys programming a game in their spare time, its a bit overwhelming to try and write a fully networked game engine from scratch… and then create a game for it. We gave it a shot but it was just a bigger undertaking than we had expected.

Seems like we couldn’t get our footing when it came to developing a stand alone game. We went back and forth on a “company” name (I use that term loosely, as its just a branding we’ve put on the software we develop), then it was the game engine itself, which we kept redoing and redoing from the ground up… ugh! What a mess!

We finally found the sweet spot. Not only do we have a name we love, but a game we love too! We said the hell with doing it all from scratch and use what tools are available to us out there. XNA has been a godsend! Sure its managed code and adds some prerequisites for the end user; like .NET Framwork 3.5 and XNA 3.0 Runtime, but it speeds up development time exponentially!

So far we have a working GUI, console and basic commands. Plus we’ve been able to connect to the server and transmit data back and forth (including syncing entities). We’re super excited!

One thing that’s really helped is we’ve set milestones for ourselves. Stuff like “compiling a level by tomorrow”, “connecting to the server in the next 6 hours”, “syncing the entity list by yesterday”. These are what keeps us driven and going in the right direction. We don’t always code the cleanest, but once its working we go back and sort it all out. SEEING our OWN progress has helped so much too, keeps us motivated.

If you want to see what we’ve got so far you can download it here. There’s no server to connect to right now, but enjoy anyways. Make sure you download the stuff I mentioned above.