Lost and found

Okay so I’ve been lost. I haven’t done much of anything lately but I have a good excuse. Well its a pretty shitty excuse but its an excuse nonetheless.

Anyways. I while back I was introduced to a game called Infiniminer. I think I’ve mentioned it on my blog before but I don’t remember and I’m too lazy to search my own blog and find out if I blogged about what I’m blogging about… which is Infiniminer.

Okay enough of that. Well I stumbled across another game called Minecraft which is pretty much inspired by Infiniminer except its currently only a sandbox and is a java application embedded in a webpage– which is really sweet because its self updating. So long story short I didn’t pay much attention to the game but was always inspired by the awesome artwork people manage to create (mostly pixel art, but also other cool 3D shit).

So one day I get a wild hair up my ass and decide to try some servers… which was totally boring because 90% of servers have “jailspawns”. Those are areas where you enter the game and you’re trapped in a tiny ass area made of adminium… a block that only admins can remove. Its pretty much pointless. You can’t move, can’t spawn, can’t do shit except beg for an admin to let you free. I understand why people use these– to protect their work. But whats the point of a public server if you don’t let public people join?

So I went ahead and created my own server but left it private. I announced it on The Arcadium Forums and no one really paid much attention to it for a few weeks. After convincing a friend to play with me for a bit, we found ourselves genuinely intrigued by the game. Its pretty much like virtual Legos but with square blocks. We started out making random stupid shit then decide to start a new map and build a city.

Holy Shit.

It turned out to be a huge undertaking that other people started joining in. We tried to make the city as realistic as possible. Soon there were 5 to 8 of us in the server at a time and all in Ventrilo discussing what buildings we were going to do next. I played this game too damn much I started dreaming weird dreams about blocks and shit. I know I know, I’m lame… anyways eat a dick.

So after almost 2 weeks of work we’ve got a large majority of the city built. I decided to do a simple walk through of the city record it. There’s so much more to it that isn’t shown in the video, but enjoy anyways.