Chihuahuas and my Nexus One

evil fucking dog Let me just get this out of the way? remember my post about how I sorta dislike chihuahuas? Today sealed the deal for me. The stupid thing was taking a dump in my daughters room? you know where she plays on the carpet and all? and my wife started screaming at it. Instead of running away, it sorta waddled away? while it was still pooping. Creating what I can only describe as a ?model train replica? of dog shit. The ?engine? or front of the train was in Ashlyn?s room, which was followed by all the shit cargo containers. The ?caboose? or end of the train was in our upstairs hallway. The entire time it was shitting my kids were following it screaming and laughing. It was a horrible moment.

On a lighter note, I got a new phone. I was really excited to get the T-Mobile G1 when it first came out, but as the Android OS has been developing more and more, and the phone wasn?t built with specs that could keep up. I?ve been stuck on Android 1.6 while 2.1 is already out.

Not only that, but I?ve gone through 3 G1 phones. Its a great phone when its working, but not so much when the camera stops working or the phone locks up for random reasons (trust me, its a hardware issue, not the OS).

Nexus One is sooo purdy

So I upgraded. The Nexus One is pretty amazing. I can?t believe how fast I?m browsing websites (especially with the new multitouch). The camera (with flash!) is really good, and my pictures Gallery even syncs with my Picasa account so I can see any image from my Web Albums. Right now I have no complaints, but to be fair I?ve only had it for a few days so I?ll be sure to do an update in a few weeks or a month or so.