Snack time

(9:11:12 AM) Chad: oops
(9:16:13 AM) Brandon: where did it go
(9:16:19 AM) Chad: 1 sec
(9:16:31 AM) Brandon: ok lemme go grab a snack
(9:16:34 AM) Chad: kk
(7:24:59 PM) Brandon: I has fried rice
(7:25:14 PM) Brandon: also
(7:25:14 PM) Chad: I had chinese food about an hour ago.
(7:25:16 PM) Chad: i’m hungry again
(7:25:17 PM) Chad: damn you
(7:25:19 PM) Brandon: your livestream is offline
(7:25:25 PM) Brandon: I just went to get a snack
(7:25:28 PM) Brandon: where did it go?

If you don?t get the joke, keep looking.