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We won second place!

I know this is old fucking news but… In case you haven’t heard (which I’m sure most of you have) Arcadium Software’s Fretta gamemode Zinger! took second place in the Fretta Gamemode Contest!

What now? What does this mean? Where do we go from here?

Well, we’re looking forward to some feedback from Garry and Craig. We also have some touch ups we’d like to do. Once we’ve polished up the gamemode we send it to Garry and it will be included in Garry’s Mod!

We also get to add achievements to the gamemode and even push updates out once a month. Which is totally amazing. The prize money is totally great and all, but that comes and goes. The fact we’ve got a small piece of work in a retail game is definitely the most rewarding part.

Everyone keeps asking me what we’re doing with the money. Well, the majority is getting split up between Chad and I, and some will go to our sound guy and level designer. They both contributed great work so we’re looking forward to  showing them our appreciation.

Once again, I know this is literally last weeks news but I’ve been busy with a lot of shit lately… like moving… which I have yet to blog about. I’ll do that tomorrow, ok?

Retro Arcade – an Android Live Wallpaper

I’ve been posting a few of these lately, huh?

So yea, third Android app and this one is finally built on the 2.1 SDK. It’s a total nostalgia bomb too. Right now its just one single game, but I plan on adding more games to it so its like a bundle deal: multiple wallpapers from a single download.

This is my first paid application and since I first published it a few days ago I’ve already got great responses. The way I look at it is once its done its done: I don’t have to do anything else. Maybe I won’t get 250,000 people buying it, but whatever I do get is awesome.

Images related:

pacman eating pills pacman chasing ghosts

Copy Text – an Android App

BAM! Just like that I released my second Android application. This one was to fill a void that I’ve personally had. A lot of applications give the user the ability to “Share” with other apps. For example, I can click an image in my picture gallery and “Share” it to my Facebook app or Twitter app or whatever else allows you to upload pictures… you get the idea.

But sometimes apps have some text in them and you can’t really share it to another app. Take for instance the Twitter app I use… often times I want to just paste a tweet or a portion of a tweet to someone in Gtalk or something. But there’s no option to just copy it so I can put it (or any portion of it) where ever I want! And so I wrote Copy Text. Basically if any app shares plain text, Copy Text will be an option. It does no more than just copy the text to your clipboard. And Android 2.0+ users can even “Share” contacts in the form of plain text… great for including someone’s number in an email or text message. Simple? I think so. Needed? Damn straight. Oh yea and as an added bonus I included a history for easily recopying text you used before.

I released Copy Text yesterday and its already been downloaded more times than my previous app and has retained a higher install percentage (how many users installed and kept it verses those who installed then uninstalled it… idiots). Which either means my first app sucked dick, is a niche application, or this app was just needed more! You decide!

Images related:

Contact integration copying contacts numbers

Simply Cyanide – an Android App

Android logo

I’m working on my first Android app. I’ve done all sorts of programming in various languages, but I’ve never touched Java… so this project is mainly a learning experience for me.

Simply Cyanide is a simple yet elegant viewer for the web comic Cyanide and Happiness. There are other comic viewers already on the Android Market, but this one is designed specifically for C&H. Why? Well because I personally love the comics and I needed an easy project to get my feet wet. This was my solution.

I’ve got the basic functions of it working, I’m just polishing it up and figuring out how to sign the package so I can publish it on the Market. Although, once I figure out how to package it properly, I want to have some people who have an Android phone test it for me before I actually go and publish it (I don’t want to upload some shitty app and look like a total dumbass).

On a side note: I contacted the C&H artists to see  if they would give me permission to release it. I could probably release it without them giving me the thumbs up, but I would really like their approval.

Once I get a few people to test it and get some feedback, I’ll do a follow up post and give a rundown on all the features.

Here’s some screens of it running in the emulator:

viewing comic options menu

about dialog even opens videos!

Project overload

I’m swamped. Arcadium Software is working on a commercial project that has absorbed a metric fuckton of my time. No its not a game but we’re working on a web application for a big ass company. Its sorta weird how it came all about:

A few years ago my dad was using a really archaic method for keeping track of what vehicles he was in charge of. Like… where they were stationed. He wrote the vehicle number down on a magnet and placed it on a white board and moved them from square to square depending on where the vehicle got shipped. So I wrote him a digital version of that and since he struggles with computers, I totally mimicked the look of a board with magnets on it. Except you could double-click any “magnet” and open up extended information and tools on it. Needless to say this worked many times faster and he instantly fell in love with it. I spent loads of time in the UI so it was extremely user friendly.

Well he has since left that company and moved on to bigger and better things. Little did I know he continued to use that program and one day his boss saw him using it and one thing lead to another… next thing I know I’m in a meeting talking business for writing this company a custom software tool. So a lot of our time is being dedicated to that…


Garry decides that he wants to start a Fretta gamemode contest with some high dollar incentives. So now we’re working on THAT at the same time. Our goal is to submit two gamemodes so we really gotta bust ass on everything. We’re not going to sacrifice quality though, so its just time dedication.


All these new games have come out/are coming out and ahhhhhhhhhh. I’m deep into Fallout 3 right now, I’ve got Borderlands to focus on, Left 4 Dead 2 soon… Modern Warfare 2– fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu–