We won second place!

I know this is old fucking news but? In case you haven?t heard (which I?m sure most of you have) Arcadium Software?s Fretta gamemode Zinger! took second place in the Fretta Gamemode Contest!

What now? What does this mean? Where do we go from here?

Well, we?re looking forward to some feedback from Garry and Craig. We also have some touch ups we?d like to do. Once we?ve polished up the gamemode we send it to Garry and it will be included in Garry?s Mod!

We also get to add achievements to the gamemode and even push updates out once a month. Which is totally amazing. The prize money is totally great and all, but that comes and goes. The fact we?ve got a small piece of work in a retail game is definitely the most rewarding part.

Everyone keeps asking me what we?re doing with the money. Well, the majority is getting split up between Chad and I, and some will go to our sound guy and level designer. They both contributed great work so we?re looking forward to  showing them our appreciation.

Once again, I know this is literally last weeks news but I?ve been busy with a lot of shit lately? like moving? which I have yet to blog about. I?ll do that tomorrow, ok?