Blog updated

I decided my blog needed to be tinkered with. I didn?t do an overhaul or anything, just messed with fonts and added some more CSS3. I uploaded two more headers into the rotation, too.

I need to start writing more about what I?m working on. People are always asking me and I never know where to begin. Here?s the thing: I?m always working on something. What it is can be totally different each day. Although right now I?m pretty focused on Zinger!. We?re closing in on the deadline for the Fretta Contest and we?re really excited about it. Not much is left, actually we?re just finishing up a few odds and ends.

I?m going to be writing a few articles related to Lua soon so you can look forward to seeing those. Actually I?ve already started… I just need some spare time to finish the first one (work has kept me so busy lately!). Technically I shouldn?t even be writing this now, I should be writing those? GOTTA GO!