Left 4 Aidan Discussion

There’s been a lot of discussion about the Left 4 Aidan post… let me just clarify some things here:

My son knows the difference between good words and bad words… he corrects me when he hears me say one of them (which I normally avoid around him).

He also knows that violence isn’t good and that we shouldn’t do it. When my wife gives me a love tap (a soft punch in the arm for saying something she doesn’t like) he tells her to say sorry.

Additionally, Aidan is very aware of the difference between video games and reality. His interaction with people in games and people in real life are polar opposite.

You know how he knows these things? Because he’s AWARE of them and we teach him whats wrong and whats right.

You know what doesn’t teach kids? Making them naive by sheltering them from what you feel is wrong. Everyone will eventually encounter foul words and violence, whether it be in school or on TV. So you go about your business and try to hide your kids from all that you feel is evil and see how much they are shell-shocked when reality finally catches up to them and kicks them in their fucking face.

Anyone trying to come off saying I’m a “bad parent” for letting him watch me play is outright stupid. Video games don’t make bad children, the way they are raised makes bad children… example:

I read some comments about his GModigy video and I feel sorry for the people that bothered opening their stupid face. My son is extremely smart. He’s already counting and doing logic way above his age level. He’s also more computer savvy then most of you reading this… and most of the people commenting about how he’s being warped and all that bullshit. I feel sorry for your kids to be honest. If they aren’t spending quality time with you like my son is with me, then you’re just a terrible parent who probably touches their privates in the closet.

I love my children and do everything to raise them right. So get off your high horse.