Game progress

Still working hard on my Android game. The process has been very organic; changing everyday.

A friend started writing me a level editor for Windows so I could begin implementing levels, but then the more I thought about it the more I wanted players to be able to make their own levels.

So I stopped in my tracks, split the current game code into a base code and forked it into two classes: a game class and an editor class. They both derived from the same parent class so the basics is all shared, but now in the level editor you use button and touch events to create levels. Its not done, but I?m making good progress. I guess my eventual goal will be the ability to share and rate levels inside the game. Here?s a recent screenshot captured from my Nexus One using the DDMS (best fucking tool ever):


Here?s a shot at the main menu (not much at the moment):


I?ve stuck with the classic arcade 8bit theme. I really like the look and its easy as fuck to create new artwork Smile