Gadget + Script

iconRemember way back when I first spoke about Gadget? Well its back? sorta. Chad has been binding Lua to low level DirectX functions. We don?t have any real plans yet, its just something to try out. But pretty much the entire engine will be scripted. Slow you say? Well you?d be right except for the fact Chad had enough foresight to include LuaJIT– which compiles the script to native code at runtime. I guess the idea is to make something sorta like L?VE except maybe even a little more low level. Everything will be handled on the scripting side of things, which is pretty cool and interesting to play around with.

Even though I said Lua? its totally not Lua. We?re so used to Garry?s implementation of Lua (with the c style syntax) that we ended up doing it ourselves. But we kept on going with the customization? so much so we needed to write a custom Notepad++ syntax highlighter and we eventually dubbed it Gadget Script, which is totally cool because now we can fuck with the syntax of the language as much as we want and not have to worry about conforming to any standards.

Nothing to show yet, just blabbering away.