Audio and Oggs Vorbis

Just a quick blog for today. We’re going with Oggs Vorbis as our primary sound format instead of MP3. Mainly because MP3 requires a license anytime you write a decoder… yea fuck that shit. Fuck that shit royally in the butt. Plus once you have the libraries included in your project the files are pretty damn easy to work with.

As Chad keeps chipping away at the renderer, I continue work on the audio portion. I can’t say this enough but if nothing else this project has been such a learning experience for me. Little by little I’m grasping concepts of C++ programming I never even knew existed… totally awesome.

Speaking of audio; Bakburner/Etc has grown a bit. I recently found out Brock aka Edward the Retarded Medic or DoctorMowinckel is an amateur sound editor. Fortunately for him we’re a couple of amateur game developers so he fits in perfectly. We’re still looking for 2D and 3D artists. Hit us up.