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Android is better than ever

So like, nearly 2 years ago I order my first Android phone. I’m pretty proud to say that I was one of the first people to use an Android phone. I’ve been there through all the ups and downs; enjoyed the fruits of its labor and suffered through its woes.

I remember when I first got the phone, people were all like “what phone is that?” and I would respond “its the G1, its a Google phone powered by Android”. At this point they would lose interest. No one knew what Android was or why I cared to mention it when they asked me what my phone was. The G1 was the first of its kind and I’m so glad I took the risk with it.

I recently read that there are something like 160,000 Android devices being activated per day. That’s insane! Not only that, but some of the newer ones are selling out! People are waiting in line for these phones. NICE!

Apple makes a great device, there is no doubt about that. But the stranglehold they’ve had on the system has been choking the consumer. And sadly for them, they aren’t making the biggest and baddest device anymore. The problem with Apple is they want to tell you, well force you, where you get your services and applications. That’s like buying a TV and having the manufacturer tell you you can only use a certain cable provider and you can only hook up DVD players or surround sound systems they personally approve. What the fuck? What if I want satellite? What if the DVD players you approve don’t do what I want? Its retarded.

But I digress…

Today I see people all around me with Android phones: coworkers, friends, family, random people at my sons T-ball game. I smile a little when I’m browsing Twitter or Facebook and see someone updated their status with “Twitter for Android” or “Facebook for Android”. I actually see more of those than I see iPhone updates now.

Recently I’ve been completely maximizing my Android experience. My phone is so much more than a phone. I use it to sync a shopping list with my wife, its a SNES emulator, its my GPS, social networking device, e-mail client, RSS reader and so much more that I can’t even begin to list. And it doesn’t stop there. I know that if I need it to perform a certain function, I can find an app for it. Or make an app for it. Do whatever the fuck I want with it. Its Android, its open source. I have the freedom I want!

So this one goes out to the Android team over at Google…


Thank You!

Chihuahuas and my Nexus One

evil fucking dog Let me just get this out of the way… remember my post about how I sorta dislike chihuahuas? Today sealed the deal for me. The stupid thing was taking a dump in my daughters room… you know where she plays on the carpet and all… and my wife started screaming at it. Instead of running away, it sorta waddled away… while it was still pooping. Creating what I can only describe as a “model train replica” of dog shit. The “engine” or front of the train was in Ashlyn’s room, which was followed by all the shit cargo containers. The “caboose” or end of the train was in our upstairs hallway. The entire time it was shitting my kids were following it screaming and laughing. It was a horrible moment.

On a lighter note, I got a new phone. I was really excited to get the T-Mobile G1 when it first came out, but as the Android OS has been developing more and more, and the phone wasn’t built with specs that could keep up. I’ve been stuck on Android 1.6 while 2.1 is already out.

Not only that, but I’ve gone through 3 G1 phones. Its a great phone when its working, but not so much when the camera stops working or the phone locks up for random reasons (trust me, its a hardware issue, not the OS).

Nexus One is sooo purdy

So I upgraded. The Nexus One is pretty amazing. I can’t believe how fast I’m browsing websites (especially with the new multitouch). The camera (with flash!) is really good, and my pictures Gallery even syncs with my Picasa account so I can see any image from my Web Albums. Right now I have no complaints, but to be fair I’ve only had it for a few days so I’ll be sure to do an update in a few weeks or a month or so.

T-Mobile G1… an epic tale of tales

So once upon a time…

Some of you might know I got my G1 about a week and a half ago. I was so excited about it! I had been waiting for it to arrive. Before I even opened the box I took my Blackberry and started adding all my phone numbers as contacts on my Gmail account (I should have done this before, but I’m lazy). WHRY? Simple: the G1 syncs all your Google account to your phone, including your Gmail contacts as phone numbers. So instead of looking from one phone to the next and converting them over, I took the easy route and did it on the computer.

So once I was done, I turned on my new phone. One of the first things you do is “touch the Android to get started”. So I push it and it didn’t do anything. Hmm… did I miss? So I try again, this time pushing it in a slightly different area. Wallah, that worked. (about now I’m thinking of my PDA and how you have to calibrate the screen… maybe that’s why I missed pressing it the first time)

So all is fine and dandy as I sync my Google account to my phone. It works seamlessly. One minute I have a brand new phone, the next its populated with all my Gmail emails and contacts… it even put me online with Gtalk automatically.

I start playing around with the home screen and occasionally I miss the icon I’m trying to click or drag. I remember the fact I haven’t calibrated my screen. So I start looking in settings and to my surprise there is no such thing. Oh well, I just have to get used to where to touch… no biggy!

As I’m downloading new apps from the Android Market I keep having touch screen problems. Even on the home screen when I try to move from one side to the other it fucks up and I get stuck in between two screen. WTF! I start researching online and to my surprise no one is having the same issue as me (as far as I can find). Granted, people are having problems of their own, but no one is having screen problems like mine.

It progressively gets worse and worse. To a point where I can’t use the screen anymore and I’m stuck using my trackball for everything! WHAT’S THE POINT OF A TOUCH SCREEN PHONE IF IT DON’T TOUCH SCREEN PROPERLY?!

Because it worked sometimes and didn’t work other times, I started assuming it was a software problem. C’mon Google! Fix it! There were some OTA updates being pushed to G1 users. There is no way to force the update (as far as Google/HTC/T-Mobile want to admit), so you just have to wait. But I was too frustrated and found a method for manually updating it. I gave that a shot and NOPE! STILL FUCKED.

What to do… what to do…?

I tried to do a master reset on it (which is no big deal because, once agan… all my contacts automatically resync) but to no avail. Okay now I’m pissed. I call Customer Service and they decided to send me a new phone… but its on back-order… of course!

So another week goes by and I’ve got my shitty phone that I’m really start to hate. I keep considering putting my SIM card back into my Blackberry and saying the hell with it all. But the idea of the Google phone is too awesome to give up on.

I stuck through it till my new phone arrive just a few days ago, and I can honestly say it was well worth the wait. Turns out I just had a defective phone (this is expected). I love my new phone. It does everything I need it to do and then some. And the apps you can install make it even better. People have complained about the battery life on it but I’ve had no issues with that considering I already calibrated my battery. I use the hell out of my phone too, so if the battery sucked that bad I would know it.

I’ve even set up a method for sharing the pictures I take. They all end up in my Picasa web album under Drop Box.

And they lived happily ever after. The End.

Android *beep boop bop*

This may seem unrelated to what I normally talk about here, but keep reading and it will all unfold.

One thing most people can agree on is that Google pretty much kicks ass. It seems like whatever they get their ever-stretching hands on magically turns to gold. (I wonder how they take a piss without adverse side effects?)

Over the passed few years they’ve been working on a mobile platform called Android, which is joint effort of The Open Handset Alliance. The concept is simple: create an open source platform that gives every developer the same tools as everyone else. There’s no private or reserved libraries that only the phone developers can access… everyone is equal.

What does this mean? It means that unlike Apples iPhone, anyone and everyone can develop and write applications that access all aspects of the platforms stack. They even released the SDK already… how long has it taken Apple?

The platform is very impressive to say the least. It holds Google’s theory of minimalistic design with maximum usability. T-Mobile has announced the release of the first phone utilizing the Android OS… the T-Mobile G1.

Now, I’ve been a long time user of Blackberry. I’ve had three different Blackberry smart phones and loved each one of them, especially my current one. I will admit I’ve had interest in an iPhone, but I just couldn’t overcome my admiration for RIM devices to go and get one (not to mention I don’t subscribe to AT&T, which is the single wireless provider for iPhones in the United States).

Since I am a subscriber to T-Mobile, I’ve found myself looking at this G1 more and more. I’ve read review after review, watched hands-on videos and side by side comparisons against other smart phones. There are several things I really like about it, and a few I don’t. There has been an ongoing struggle in my head whether to get it or not.

Part of managing GATM is realizing that you’re not always at a computer to instantly take care of critical issues, but having the ability to address them on the move is an amazing benefit. With my Blackberry I have everything from web access, remote desktop, email and instant messaging. All of our admins have my mobile IM account and I’m able to communicate with them very quickly. WHRY would I do this? Because I try to manage GATM like its a business, whether we’re making money isn’t important… its doing something right that is. But will this new phone do everything my Blackberry does? Will it hold me back or move me forward? Will it have problems/issues/bugs? I DON’T KNOW!! WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?

At the end I decided to go ahead and preorder the G1, which should arrive early next month (I missed the first wave of preorders which will arrive Oct 22nd). The few concerns I have with the platform will probably be fixed soon after release (thanks to being open source). And my other obstacle was thinking “if I order this, what cool phone will come out shortly after?“. But you know what, in this age of technology that sort of thinking will only hold you back. No matter how long you wait, or what you wait for, almost as soon as you buy it something bigger and better will come out the next day.

So I figured, why not be on the bleeding edge and have one of the first of these new “Google Phones“?