Do your job FedEx

FedEx advertisement

You see? what this picture is trying to tell you is that FedEx cares. They care about you and your package and want to get it to you in good condition and as safe as possible. Its a good advertisement. The only problem is they don?t really care about you. Admittedly I can understand that maybe the company as a whole cares, but that isn?t reflected all the way down to the employees working for them? specifically the dickwads delivering your product (I had to add ?dickwads? to my autocorrect dictionary, but rest assured its a real word).

The reason I bring this up is because yesterday I saw the announcement Google had finally released the car dock for the Nexus One (FUCK YES). So I order the son of a bitch? expecting it to take a few days. But guess what? When the order processed and I got my tracking number it was on track to be delivered NEXT DAY (DOUBLE FUCK YES).

So anyways, I?m off work today and the entire family is home and we?re all hanging out. I walked outside for a minute and found a note on the door that said FedEx had tried to deliver your package but no one was home and they?re going to try to deliver it tomorrow.




no no no no and NO. Fuck you FedEx dude?we were here. You didn?t even fucking try to deliver it. You probably sat in your truck and wrote up the ?sorry? note and just walked up and put it on our door. Do your job and knock on the door you stupid lazy son of a bitch. DO YOUR FUCKING JOB?ITS WHY THEY PAY YOU.

Now, its not like its an emergency that I get this package, but how does he know that? How does he know its not an important business package, or medical supplies, or porn? YOU DON?T KNOW FEDEX DUDE, YOU DON?T KNOW!

So I called them up. I told the person on the phone that I was extremely annoyed and explained the fact we were home all day (not just one of us that could have been in the shitter or something, but an entire family). Although I was mad this happened, I was nice to her and even told her that I understood this wasn?t her fault but that I was frustrated. So she did something awesome. She called the local facility and had them get in contact with the driver and demanded he redeliver. About 2 hours later he showed up?

Brandon: 1   ?   Lazy Fucker: 0

I win fucker