Ohi, didn’t see you there

Long blog post delay is long 🙁

It’s been a while, but in my defense… fuck you. Anyways. Post-holiday time is always hectic. It’s like you’re starting a new year and you have to first pick yourself up from the lazy holiday season. It’s a really poorly designed system. The holidays should be in the middle of the year, or like right after we get tax returns. That way when the government coughs up a bunch of cash back to us slaves, we can inject it right back into the economy… instead of trying to save it (which we don’t) and end up being broke by holiday season.

So yesterday was my daughters birthday party; good times. But because we have some new people working on my shift which I’m still training (and aren’t ready to work alone yet) my work schedule has been fucked up. I have to work 7 days straight and I didn’t even get the day off for her party. So I had to come home from work, help finish everything for the party, take a few hour nap and wake up and act all happy. Then after everyone left I tried to get some shut eye… a whopping hour and a half before work. Needless to say I was totally tired as a mudda fucka and started hallucinating on my drive home!

Couple of things I plan on doing this year: Chad and I are still discussing our game, we’ve even created a svn repository and sorta tinkering. Well it’s mainly Chad tinkering and me thinkering. I haven’t actually contributed to the code yet, but I did upgrade my Visual Studio installation in preparation for it! From what I can tell we’re going to make Zinger into a stand alone game, or maybe not… we don’t know yet but the first step is the game engine anyway.

I also started using my Google Calender; such an epic tool. I have so many things going on at any given time that I lose track of them so easily. I made a promise to myself to start utilizing it. WHRY?! Dude the service is free and it iterates into my phone perfectly… why wouldn’t I?

Since GATM went down I find myself playing games more often… love it! But my developer side is hungry. Luckily I’ve found a friend in Waxx and the Mine-Dog community. We’ve been working together a lot more lately and I’ve been able to tinker with their website and all that fun stuff. Will be interesting to see what we can manage in 2009.

Speaking of which, in 2009 I’ll be aiming to keep my blog more frequently updated, and add a Twitter thingymajiggy. I’ll probably start that right after I finish this blog post. DONE!

Let’s see, I think that about sums up this post. OH! One last thing, I think I want to take a film class of sorts. Possibly a filming techniques and editing course. I’ve always wanted to make machinima but lacked the video editing ability. I downloaded a demo for Sony Vegas once and I felt like a fag in a titty bar.