Simply Cyanide – an Android App

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I?m working on my first Android app. I?ve done all sorts of programming in various languages, but I?ve never touched Java? so this project is mainly a learning experience for me.

Simply Cyanide is a simple yet elegant viewer for the web comic Cyanide and Happiness. There are other comic viewers already on the Android Market, but this one is designed specifically for C&H. Why? Well because I personally love the comics and I needed an easy project to get my feet wet. This was my solution.

I?ve got the basic functions of it working, I?m just polishing it up and figuring out how to sign the package so I can publish it on the Market. Although, once I figure out how to package it properly, I want to have some people who have an Android phone test it for me before I actually go and publish it (I don?t want to upload some shitty app and look like a total dumbass).

On a side note: I contacted the C&H artists to see  if they would give me permission to release it. I could probably release it without them giving me the thumbs up, but I would really like their approval.

Once I get a few people to test it and get some feedback, I?ll do a follow up post and give a rundown on all the features.

Here?s some screens of it running in the emulator:

viewing comic options menu

about dialog even opens videos!