Cookies slow down your DSL

Chalk another one up to awesome customer service? this time from AT&T. Now here?s the thing: they don?t offer the best internet speeds and they?re the only provider in town that isn?t cable (I loathe cable). We?ve always had their fastest package? the ?elite? 6mbit one. But for some reason when we requested all our services be moved to the new house, they didn?t give us the same DSL package.

(Oh yea by the way, we moved. More on that later)

Story related:

System: Welcome
System: Connecting to server. Please wait…
System: Connection with server established.
System: Technical Support Topic: DSL High Speed Internet
System: ANGELA has joined this session!
System: Connected with ANGELA

ANGELA: Thank you for contacting AT&T Internet Support, my name is Angela (pr2704). I see that I am chatting with Brandon. Am I correct?
You: yes
ANGELA: I see that you provided 909******* as the number associated with your DSL/Dial account. Am I correct?
You: correct
ANGELA: Thank you for confirming the details. How can I make you a very satisfied customer today?
You: i recently upgraded the speed of our dsl, just curious when it would take effect
You: i dont know why when we moved our dsl speed dropped so much

ANGELA: I apologize for the inconvenience you have been experiencing and we will work together to resolve this issue.
*** long pause ***
ANGELA: I can see that the order status is complete.
ANGELA: Have you done speed test
You: DownStream Connection Speed 3008 kbps
You: UpStream Connection Speed 512 kbps
You: thats my router status
You: which is like half the speed it was prior to our move

ANGELA: What was your previous speed?
You: we were on the 6mbit package
You: upload was around 768 or whatever
ANGELA: lets try to test the speed again by the link I am providing
ANGELA: Please inform me about the results
You: i tried rebooting my router just before i contacted you
ANGELA: What is the upload and download speeds?
You: did you not get my link?
You: here:
You: 2.48 down and 0.43 up
ANGELA: Let perform some steps to increase the speed.
ANGELA: May I know which browser are you using?
You: currently chrome, but I have firefox and IE
ANGELA: Have you cleared cache and cookies of browser?
You: what would that accomplish?
You: Im trying to speed up my connection
You: not clear my browsing history
ANGELA: Some time it happens because of some temperory files stored in browser.
You: wow
*** this is when I disconnected ***