I’m a tool

So the other day I bought StarCraft II because I used to play StarCraft all the time back in high school and I was curious how they would relaunch the franchise. Plus I saw all the leaked cut scenes on YouTube and it looked pretty amazing.

So to purchase the digital copy I had to login to Battle.net, which I couldn?t remember my old account from way back in the day (like when I tried WoW). Whatever, so I create a new account.

Then when I login, it gives me an option to merge my Battle.net account with my WoW account, so I manage to figure that one out as well. Bam! Cool its merged?who cares my account is frozen because I haven?t paid for it in years.

So I get SC2 downloaded, purchased and installed. Then later on I get an email saying how the WoW character faction transfer I requested is underway. WTF? It didn?t ask me to login or anything, but it did say if I didn?t request this I should check my account. Oddly enough it was sent to a an email I don?t even use anymore (it just forwards to my Gmail account), and I mean I haven?t used this in years. Like 5+ years, which ironically is about how long ago I tried WoW.

I ignored it.

But then it kept bothering me so I re-read the email and tried to understand what the fuck was going on. So at the very bottom of the email is a link that brings you to the control panel (or so I thought). It seemed legit enough because it used the old email account, which I assumed is the one I used when I signed up for WoW.

Needless to say I fell for my first and only phishing attempt. They were pretty slick about it. They didn?t say ?LOGIN HERE NOW GO GO GO?. They just casually said to check my account if I didn?t request, and then left a tiny link at the very bottom of the email.

I fucking panicked. I went through and changed every fucking account password I have. Which is a metric fuck-ton. The funny part is, I?m always telling people ?if you ever get an email asking you to login somewhere, manually type it in your browser? don?t click links?.

I guess I should listen to myself more often.