Zinger items and inventory

Just a quick update:

We?re changing how the inventory is in Zinger!. Its going to be more Worms-esk, which means you can have more than 4 items and you?ll never have to destroy anything. If you pick up an item you already have, it will stack.

Also, you?re going to start with items now. Just some of the basic ones though. You?ll still have to find all the good stuff in crates, but at least you?ll have weapons to use at the beginning of the match.

Oh and by the way, Chad modeled and scripted this sign for mappers to use. The text and text color is totally customizable by the mapper. They can pick three lines of text and each line can have its own color:


P.S. No, that?s not a typo. THERE HAS BEEN AN EARTHQUACK!