I almost lost my blog!



So just the other day everything was fine and then the next day my cPanel isn’t working (because my web host’s license has expired). So I submit a support ticket and for days I get no answer. I even tried to call them… which was nothing but a waste of time getting transferred from one voicemail to the next. That’s when I got worried; I figured by their lack of attention they might be going out of business.

My cPanel wasn’t working so I couldn’t do a proper site backup, but my FTP access was still working. I hacked together a couple of PHP scripts to help rescue what I could; one to zip all the contents of my site and another to dump my blog database into an SQL file. I set my FTP software to download the huge zips I had created and shutdown my computer when it was done. I woke up the next day and my FTP access was gone! Just in time, WHEW!

So after I found a new host I uploaded my blog stuff and got it working again. I had to update a bunch of stuff so I decided to do some house cleaning and install a new theme. Anyways, since I got it working again I figured I should start posting again. Does anyone even read this anymore?