Android again!

I?m back to working on Android apps? this time a game. Not much detail on it yet but here?s a picture of what I?ve got so far. Think Pac-Man but accelerometer controlled. Ignore the shitty level and big power button.


I drew the character from scratch, he?s inspired by Bubble Bobble. Here?s his tile:


The entire game is going to have an 8bit style when I?m done.

Also, today I installed Zune and it needed my computer to restart. No biggy, lets restart? this is what I got when I did:


Fucking weird. I spent 20 minutes pulling my hair out trying to figure out what the fuck was going on. It was recognizing all the drives, and when I used the recovery disc I could browse the files on all the drives.

Then I realized something odd. My C: drive was being recognized as the F: drive. WTF? I moved the SATA cable from plug 1 of 4 to plug 4 of 4 on the motherboard.  Fixed!