New Monitor

I’ve never really been one for huge monitors. It really didn’t matter to me because I’ve always used multiple monitors so having one single huge one wasn’t a big deal. I had a 19″ LCD primary and a 17″ LCD as a second monitor; this setup has worked out well and never given me any reason to change it.

But for Christmas my parents gave me a $100 visa gift card amongst other things. They normally want to buy me a gift but I’m at an age where I feel weird when they buy me stuff. So every time my mom asked what I wanted I kept telling her nothing. I suppose a gift card is the result of that (they bought me a bunch of other stuff like T-shirts and stuff too… ANYWAYS)

So I got this free money and I’m browsing around Newegg and stumble on a deal for a monitor. 22″ widescreen and they’re gonna ship it to me for free! Did some research, compared with other monitors, yadda yadda… bam, ordered that shit! I ordered it on Sunday, it was processed on Monday… and it arrived today. THAT’S SOME SWEET ASS FREE SHIPPING!

I have it all setup and working and let me tell you… ohh baby. I love widescreen now! HOLY JEEBUS I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT!


Click here for a screenshot of my old resolution… and here for my new! (be sure to expand the images full size to get a true sense of size)