Android is better than ever

So like, nearly 2 years ago I order my first Android phone. I?m pretty proud to say that I was one of the first people to use an Android phone. I?ve been there through all the ups and downs; enjoyed the fruits of its labor and suffered through its woes.

I remember when I first got the phone, people were all like ?what phone is that?? and I would respond ?its the G1, its a Google phone powered by Android?. At this point they would lose interest. No one knew what Android was or why I cared to mention it when they asked me what my phone was. The G1 was the first of its kind and I?m so glad I took the risk with it.

I recently read that there are something like 160,000 Android devices being activated per day. That?s insane! Not only that, but some of the newer ones are selling out! People are waiting in line for these phones. NICE!

Apple makes a great device, there is no doubt about that. But the stranglehold they?ve had on the system has been choking the consumer. And sadly for them, they aren?t making the biggest and baddest device anymore. The problem with Apple is they want to tell you, well force you, where you get your services and applications. That?s like buying a TV and having the manufacturer tell you you can only use a certain cable provider and you can only hook up DVD players or surround sound systems they personally approve. What the fuck? What if I want satellite? What if the DVD players you approve don?t do what I want? Its retarded.

But I digress?

Today I see people all around me with Android phones: coworkers, friends, family, random people at my sons T-ball game. I smile a little when I?m browsing Twitter or Facebook and see someone updated their status with ?Twitter for Android? or ?Facebook for Android?. I actually see more of those than I see iPhone updates now.

Recently I?ve been completely maximizing my Android experience. My phone is so much more than a phone. I use it to sync a shopping list with my wife, its a SNES emulator, its my GPS, social networking device, e-mail client, RSS reader and so much more that I can?t even begin to list. And it doesn?t stop there. I know that if I need it to perform a certain function, I can find an app for it. Or make an app for it. Do whatever the fuck I want with it. Its Android, its open source. I have the freedom I want!

So this one goes out to the Android team over at Google?


Thank You!