Copy Text – an Android App

BAM! Just like that I released my second Android application. This one was to fill a void that I?ve personally had. A lot of applications give the user the ability to ?Share? with other apps. For example, I can click an image in my picture gallery and ?Share? it to my Facebook app or Twitter app or whatever else allows you to upload pictures? you get the idea.

But sometimes apps have some text in them and you can?t really share it to another app. Take for instance the Twitter app I use? often times I want to just paste a tweet or a portion of a tweet to someone in Gtalk or something. But there?s no option to just copy it so I can put it (or any portion of it) where ever I want! And so I wrote Copy Text. Basically if any app shares plain text, Copy Text will be an option. It does no more than just copy the text to your clipboard. And Android 2.0+ users can even ?Share? contacts in the form of plain text? great for including someone’s number in an email or text message. Simple? I think so. Needed? Damn straight. Oh yea and as an added bonus I included a history for easily recopying text you used before.

I released Copy Text yesterday and its already been downloaded more times than my previous app and has retained a higher install percentage (how many users installed and kept it verses those who installed then uninstalled it? idiots). Which either means my first app sucked dick, is a niche application, or this app was just needed more! You decide!

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